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Guild currently closedEdit

History Edit

Alriental Revolution (AR) was created by SadidaOfHeaven (Officer of Alriental) to be a recruiting guild for Alriental. After GX (SadidaOfHeaven) parted from Alriental due to internal issues, AR has been revolutionized and stands alone as a new guild to the Rushu server. AR later became inactive and is currently closed.

Guild RequirementEdit

  • Level must be above level 35.
  • All members must give at least 5% XP to guild.
  • Members must follow battle tactics and order of one who is higher rank than themselves.


  • Servant: Servants may collect from perceptors.
  • Defender: Defenders may collect from and place perceptors.
  • Manufacturer: Manufacturers may collect from perceptors, place perceptors, and invite members.
  • Keeper: Keepers may collect from perceptors, place perceptors, invite new members, and manage experience.
  • Treasurer: Treasurers may collect from perceptors, place perceptors, invite new members, manage experience, and bannish members.
  • Officer: Officers have all rights except "Boost."


We are currently recruiting players level 35 and higher. Your class does not matter.

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