"It's all about teamwork!"Edit

Alriental was created by Hellbent on January 2nd, 2006. We were just average, every-day Astrubians who had a dream to create our own guild. However, small guild always are preys for big guilds. Countless times, Alriental fought against many high level players who attacked our Alriental perceptor. Even though we were of a considerably lower level, we had always joined in defending our perc regardless of whatever levels attack it. This is the origin of our motto, "It's all about teamwork." Every time we win, we celebrate our glory. We have lost many times; however, we have always admitted our defeats and, as a result, have learned from them, hence making us a very competent and fast-growing guild of the Rushu server.

We currently do not have many high-level profession-oriented players, nor do we have a guild house. However, we are a very outgoing, friendly, and ultimately helpful guild, which at times can almost be described as being as close as a family. Our perceptors can be described as being the most important and valued property we possess. Every day, we enjoy placing perceptors and endeavor to stall their defeats. With great assistance from our large array of loyal members, we persevere in defending our perceptors over 85% of the time and have won in many situations in which the odds were truly against us. Our unlimited team spirit and team work, which we greatly pride, help us to overcome near-impossible situations.

Since that time the powerful Iop ,Hellbent put a guildalogem into Wywern's mouth, Alriental now is over a year old. Like one says "All parties must have its end." Alriental has its end as well. After long time we have been fighting against enemies, the war is end.

When you see Alriental shield's logo around amakna, you will think of the old day when Gelano was still crazy expensive, when gobbal warchiefs are considered as a boss in our eyes, when crackrocks were Craqbouls. Although Alriental is going to be only a name, but Alriental will be in Alrientians' heart forever.

Regardly, Extremite, Leaders of Alriental

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