History! Edit

It has been a year since the six mighty Dofus have disappeared.
Once sacred relics kept religiously apart so as to not break the equilibrium of the eleveuniverse. Adventurers from the 12 tribes of Amakna have emptied into the rich lands of Amakna constantly searching for these holy icons, but no word has come of there whereabouts. In this time Bonta and Brakmar have furiously continued their war of 'Light and Dark'. Unbeknownst to Brakmar, a sacred group of Bonta cherubs was formed on the 8th of Maysial, seven years after the 2nd Millenium. This elite group of Cherubim angels are known only in name as 'Alpha Centauri'. They have vowed to change the tide of the Holy War forever and bring the Sacred Dofus' back to the exotic lands of Amakna. You may not see us, but we are out there. We are Alpha Centauri.

Our mission Edit

Named after "Rigil Kentaurus" (One of the brightest stars in the sky) Alpha Centauri was founded on the 8th of Maysial. Alpha's mission and goal is to achieve the respect of Shika's populous and represent itself as one of the highest echelon to the community morally and honourably.

The intention is to physically and emotionally breed the purest and freshest like-minded individuals whom call for and essentially need a better game environment than what's consistently offered. Dofus encompasses alot of ill-tempered younger minded players. We consider Alpha to be a place where you can turn off all chats but purple and simply relax, chat with friends, and as such treat Dofus as what it is: a game.

Creed Edit

We, the members of Alpha Centauri, recognize that Dofus is full of many rude, inconsiderate players who play Dofus simply to take out their aggressions. Alpha Centauri was founded to counteract this trend, and for the rest of its lifespan we hope to house those who believe wholeheartedly in politeness, good sportsmanship, and friendship.

Requirements Edit

First and most important - You must have a good attitude and display maturity in the presentation of yourself. We're a crew of mostly late 1x- early 3x age-wise, and we try our best to make our new members feel right at home. In addition to that - you must be Level 120+.

Plateau of Leaders Edit

Chay, Veldi, Keiser, Sheild-ninja, Mastor, Kalashar, Apex

If we've struck up an interest and you are in game, you can message the any of the forementioned names or any of our Recruiting Officers to gain contact and/or admission into Alpha Centauri. The guilds Recruiting Officers are as follows:

Recruiting Officers Edit