Allies is a new fun and active guild in the Rushu server. Its current average level is 154. Entry requirments are not strict, but a minimum level of 100 is recommended along with a reasonable amount of autonomy in the game. The guild leader is a level 200 sram that goes by the name of Wound, who is seconded by co-founders Karkana and Exors-piege.

Rank RegulationsEdit

The preliminary rank rules consist of a one rank increase per 15,000 xp donated to the guild. The titles of Treasurer and Second in Command are reserved, however, to old and trusted members so as to maintain a regulated environment.

Rights RegulationsEdit

Some rights are unlocked when specific conditions are met.

  • Manage on XP contribution: Members can always manage their own XP contribution, however, it is recommended to keep the minimum percentage donated to 3% as a show of good faith.
  • Invite new members: This is unlocked only after a minimum of 500,000 XP has been donated to the guild and a minimum of two months have been spent with the guild.
  • Place and retrieve loot from a perceptor: This is unlocked if one of the following two conditions has been satisfied.
  1. A minimum of 500,000 XP has been donated to the guild.
  2. The member is wearing a piece of the Alyverol set.
  • Use paddocks: A minimum of 600,000 XP has been donated to the guild.

Current AssetsEdit

Our guild is constantly attempting to expand its asset holdings throughout the World of Twelve.


The guild currently owns five houses (although more will be added every 10 levels), of which three are in Frigost Island. Two of our most used houses are located at the Frigost Village zaap.
Frigost Houses

Allies Frigost Houses


One (6 mount) paddock so far. Numbers will increase in the near future.

Guild AlliesEdit

  • Ten Inches Unbuffed
  • Order of the White Wings
  • Dark Side of the Moon
  • Action Bastards

Current Members ListEdit

Character Name Level Class Rank
Wound 200 Sram Leader
Mop 200 Sacrier Treasurer
Round 199 Pandawa Treasurer
Sop 198 Eniripsa Treasurer
The-kratos 194 Iop Dogsbody
Exors-piege 189 Sram Second in Command
Karkana 189 Enutrof Second in Command
Guilux-Enu 186 Enutrof Dogsbody
Dark-Sky 178 Sacrier Dogsbody
Playful-titz 173 Ecaflip Dogsbody
Apocalypticx 172 Ecaflip Mascot
Darkhope 170 Cra Penitent
Miss-Ivy 170 Eniripsa Recruiting Officer
Mzalix 167 Sadida Dogsbody
Pound 164 Cra Diplomat
Whip-Hits 160 Osamodas Dogsbody
Vexuli 154 Feca Dogsbody
Powerful-Arc 154 Cra Diplomat
Fop 152 Iop Perceptor Killer
Sippa 150 Iop Dogsbody
Mercedes-Benz 148 Sram Dogsbody
Gold-King 144 Enutrof Dogsbody
Zixx 142 Sacrier Nuisance
Ti-Punch 141 Pandawa Treasure Hunter
Zoonx 134 Sacrier Dogsbody
Da-Ace 132 Xelor Dogsbody
Palitoned 132 Xelor Dogsbody
Magnosa 125 Iop Traitor
Felix-Lacis 124 Pandawa Dogsbody
Ltu-ranger 123 Cra Dogsbody
Dug 122 Iop Dogsbody
Randomx 120 Ecaflip Dogsbody
Swagzz 119 Sram Dogsbody
Zeebisa 117 Iop Dogsbody
Guilux-Sac 117 Sacrier Nuisance
Shader 115 Iop Dogsbody
Botas 113 Feca Dogsbody
Xainlc 112 Iop Dogsbody
Ryztad 110 Sadida Dogsbody
The-killer 110 Cra Dogsbody
Main-Event 107 Eniripsa Dogsbody
Zebmaster-lt 106 Xelor Dogsbody
Strong-Fist 105 Iop Nuisance
Hotmess 105 Iop Perceptor Killer
Acidic-Shoes 92 Sadida On Trial
Sprite 81 Pandawa On Trial

More About our MembersEdit