All That Remains is a small guild of no importance. It is based on desperateness, freedom of speech and senselessness. We also support small animals. Some of our members, including the leader, are alternative characters of members of the guild Terra Incognita (see History). Languages in guild chat may be German and English or anything that at least one member can understand.


Level 20+ is recommended but not required. Guild experience tax is 2% by default but everybody can set their own tax if they want. If you want to join, simply contact one of the following people:

Leader: Emoflausch or Flauschi (main character)

Second in Command Schmarotzer

Guild Rankings and RightsEdit

Everybody has the right to manage the distribution of xp, place a collector and use the (non-existing) paddocks. Ranks are managed by the leader depending on the characteristics listed below or on how the leader feels (...and/or randomly).

Guide: Has managed to stay in the guild for a few days. New rights: invite new members, get kamas, items, resources from collector.

Guard: Has given at least a bit xp to the guild.

Reservist: Has given even more xp (omg) or is an alt of a Terra Incognita member.

Protector: Has given xp, has a decent level (compared to average) and/or is a friend (??) of Flauschi.


Once upon a time, the guild All That Remains was founded by a panda (i think) who managed to keep it alive for a few weeks (estimated). One day, Emoflausch was invited by said panda and agreed to join because he (as a depressed emo kid) was attracted by the guild logo and name. He soon became protector due to his level. A few days later, the leader decided to leave his guild for unknown reasons, leaving the former Second in Command as the new leader. Soon, the new leader left, too, without saying a word. He later mentioned the lack of eliteness in the guild as the cause of this sudden leaving. Emoflausch became the leader without knowing it. But he didn't decide to leave as well. He decided to lead the guild to new peaks! After re-organizing the ranks of the other members depending on his own seemingly random choice, he invited a few alt characters of his friends. Since then, the guild is seeking new active members to help climbing the mountain of GLORY. fin.