All-Round Edit

Requirements For Joining: There are no requirements. Anyone can join at anytime.

Rules: There is only 1 rule. If it becomes known that you are a nuisance your rank will become "nuisance" and that will serve as your first warning after which you will be banned from the guild.

Exp and Ranking: You will always have control over your own exp contribution to the guild, however we will request you donate a reasonable 5% when possible while being leeched at least. Almost any ranking is available upon request, we don't follow any set ranking system as a member's usefulness and respect in the guild isn't based on exp donation alone.

Current Mission, Guild: To continue the growth and strength of our family & to better develop new guild programs.

Current Mission, Leader: To complete the collection of arch monsters. I currently have 217 out of 287, for a full list of what I'm looking for or if you can help in any way see the talk page.

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If you have any questions contact someone in game, or simply mail