Requirements for membershipEdit

  • Active
  • Friendly and Fun
  • Willing to help others
Guild ranks and corresponding XP donations
Guild Rank XP Donated
Apprentice 500 XP
Merchant1000 XP
Breeder2000 XP
Recruiting Officer3000 XP
Mentor5000 XP
Guide7000 XP
Chosen One10000 XP
Counsellor20000 XP

Acheron is a guild seeking active people who want an active guild for dungeons, hunts, and help with quests! Guilds were created as a permanent group of people that enjoy playing and helping one another out. If interested please contact Krista-Talon, Johnathan-Talon, or Mighty-Mare, Crysalys, or post on the forums !

Est. : December 27, 2006