General Edit

We are a newer guild but we have been growing fast. We like to have players that are active and are nice to one another.

Equipment-shop logs on rarely, but Sharade (Second in command), Kma-tt "k.matt" (Second in command), Traper (Treasure Hunter), Hai-neko (Craftsman) and Soken(Spy) are on just about daily.

Our paddock is open to those who ask, though we ask that you do not screw around with other member's mounts unless you are given permission.

Also, selling of another member's mount will result in immediate demotion and/or expulsion, as well as removal of the right to access the paddock, if not worse. (Soken has suggested this rule, though it is still waiting for approval from Equipment-shop)

Joining Ace Edit

If you wish to join our guild contact the leader, Equipment-shop(aceandclover) or our seconds in command, Sharade, K-matt, and Orbital-Descent.