The Academy was made by guild members of Dofus Milita on February 15st 2012.

Mission StatementEdit

We are looking to help new or lower leveled players learn and enjoy the game. The academy is run by experienced players who want to improve Solar's community. We believe that a strong community is key to a healthy server.


We are always looking for friendly players to join our guild. All levels are welcome, but we encourage levels 80+ to join our allied guild Dofus Militia.

The Academy runs in a Boot Camp Training Process. This requires players to meet certain requirements to pass on to the next rank. Boot camp was formulated to give a person a well-rounded training session to become a successful player.

  • Stay active - if you join and then soon after you don't log in for 5 days you may be removed.
  • Don't spam guild chat- 'spamming' is saying the same thing over and over...for example, leaching, selling things or asking for free things. There is a place to do all of that just ask!
  • Be willing to work for things-- While the Academy wants to help everyone, we believe in the Chinese proverb "Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime." We need to see a willingness to work for what you want and not just expecting things to be given.

What We OfferEdit

In the Academy we have a few programs to help out our members :

  • Drop Hunts - Need parts to a set or materials for one? Sign up on forums or speak to Backpackz( Leader) to do a hunt.
  • Free p2p for a week- Are you f2p and you don't have enough Kama to subscribe? Once a week 1 person will be chosen from the Academy to get enough Kamas to subscribe for 1 week. They must be in Bootcamp in the rank Penitent to apply.
  • Weekly Contests- Every week a new contest for all guild members who have passed stage two in Boot Camp. Contests vary from luck to strategy based.
  • After graduating from Boot Camp- 1 free dragoturkey, assistance with getting battle sets and help with jobs available.