• Guild Founders
    • DugDigger
    • DugDiggette
  • Guild Creation
    • July 3, 2006
  • Guild Information
  • The guild A Fire Inside was created as a tribute to the leaders favorite band AFI (AFI stands for A Fire Inside). It is mostly a peacful guild, with membership only available to those we know in real life for the time being. We might expand later once we get our own characters stronger, but until then it is a way for friends to easily communicate and come together within the Dofus world.
  • Guild Enemies
    • Star Trek Riders - we don't know why we always attack their percs.....we just do. I think its because they have the same guild colors and symbol as us....
  • Guild Alliances
    • I have it written down at home....but we do have one atleast

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