About usEdit

Addicted is a Dofus guild, found on the Aermyne server. It was created with the idea of coming together for the simple enjoyment of the game.

Why us?

Most guilds just want to gain from your hard work, but when it comes to hunts and runs, we found that high levels would stick together and would have no time for the “runts". (("noobs"... like we all started at lvl 70?!)) We are friendly, very active, loyal, English speaking, paying members. We are Addicted. Are you?


Admission to this guild is currently set at level 20. We encourage activeness and a sociable personality. We like to see our members progress physically as well as in their professions.

'ADDICTED 'is not for you if

  • You’re in it just for the perks (house and paddock yes we plan to get them… but it’s a give and take)
  • You’re going to be begging members for kamas and gear.
  • You're just a prick of a kid. ( sorry cant stand internet tough guys, so spare me.)

Sticking around

Guilds have a limit of members. We want as many active and friendly members as possible. Because of this, there are rules to remember.

  • Don’t be offensive to other members
  • Have some honor, don’t drag our name through the mud
  • The guild channel is English only.
  • If preceptors are placed by other guild members don’t attack them.
  • No scamming, guild members or other wise. There's enough scum out there.
  • No begging
  • Stay active


Ahh, the dreaded “I” word. I’ve looked around and like what other guilds have going… so we’ll stick with them.

  • 10 days of inactivity and your marked a Nuisance
  • 20 days of inactivity, you'll be marked Deserter and you will be marked for kicking.
  • 25 ... it was nice knowing you.

If you’re going to be going away, all you have to do is let someone in the higher ranks know. If we need the room, long time squatters will be considered for being let loose to give us the room we need.

Information about our ranks and rights, swap shop and crew can all be found on our site. Come check it out. Dofus Addicted