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Welcome to The Heroes Guildopedia website. Our leader - as well as the rules - recently changed.
As a guild we aim at providing friendly playing environment. We do this by creating clear rules, reducing rudness and anti-social behaviour. If you wish to get invited into The Heroes (and if u meet the conditions) please follow the link: and select Kliknij TUTAJ to register. Afterwards please follow the guidance on main page. If you struggle with it The Heroes SiC will be able to help you. .

I Recruitment
- We accept new members from level 170 onwards.
- However, we do accept 160's if you are currently in the academy
- We do not accept bought accounts (only the leader might give permission for such a person to join)
- If you are inactive for 30 - without informing either Second in Command or the leader - you will get removed from the guild.
II Rules

-You have to :
Be active
Follow the code of conduct
Be honest
- Any spam or argue in the Guild chat are not tolerated. Please argue in PM's
- Please respect that young people play this game. Reduce the rudeness, proof read before you send.
- Attacking/Ganging the guild members is strictly forbidden!
III Rank/exp

Initiate New member, rank changes after week of active gaming, exp donation 4%
Reservist Level 170-179, exp donation 4%
Protector 180-200 level, exp donation varies
Treasure Hunter alternative account of TH member, no rights, exp donation 5%
Second in command Leader chooses SiC's, Second in command has a wide range of responsibilities such as accepting new members etc

IV Punishments

For breaking the rules you will face following consequnces
1. Warning
2. Increase in exp donation (leader or SiC chooses)
3. Permanent ban
You might get punished for
- Removing someone's perc
- agressing/ganging members
- Spamming on guild chat
- Scamming
- Attack on a friendly guild.

V Preceptors/Truce
One perc per member (alt's do not count). Only the perc owner can remove it unless you have the premission. You need to give 350,000 exp donated to the guild before you can obtain the right.
Modra Krev,
Storm Troopers,
In addition we do not attack Polish Guilds