"Meum cerebrum nocet - My brain hurts"

Things You Should Know Before Joining Edit

First and foremost, Opium is a group of friends. If you're in Opium, you're family. And I mean that literally.

Things you should know before joining: <p> Do not join Opium if you are looking for an uptight guild. We don't participate in all those guild politics. We're here to just have fun and do what we like.
Do not join if you want a 'strong' guild. Opium does not usually place percs. They're a waste of money, and are you going to stay up all night defending them? Not me, thanks.
Opium is known as a guild of mean cunts. This may be true. Then again, it may not be.
Opium has been around for a long time. and has been reborn as of the updating of this article
Opium is invite only. That means that we don't focus on getting members. Unless you ask to be invited or we invite you, it's very rare that we will advertise on /r chat. We want loyal members, not guild hoppers.
Opium is extremely friendly. Sometimes too much so. All of our members are extremely vocal. We encourage people to express themselves. If this... 'expressing of oneself' scares you... Deal with it. =D
We do not ever aggress guildies.
We do not have an exp. requirement. Most members place their exp at 2% (you control your own), but we would rather you level yourself then the guild.

Requirements Edit

These are what you will follow when either thinking of joining, or inviting members. Pay close attention.

There are four main requirements to join -Opium-:

~ There is no level requirement to join. We aren't level biased and we appreciate people of all levels.
~Brakmarian alignment is preferred. Bontas and Neutrals are still allowed in however.
~You must be tolerable (Eg, nice. Not an annoying, grasping little twit.)
~And you MUST be active.

Ranking Information Edit

Opium is ranked by Alignment.

Brakmarians: Torturers
Bontarians: Murderers
Neutrals: Traitors
Anything higher:Handpicked
Any other rankings: Ask for them

Contact Edit

Contact Red-Orchid for invite into the guild.